A tree is like a man / En la maloca de Don William

16mm to video (trailer)

A tree is like a man is an attempt to touch the otherworld through its edges. Shot on 16 mm in the Colombian Amazon, the film serves as personal witness to shaman Don William's lifetime relationship to Ayahuasca and other plant medicines that are native to the jungle. With the rainforest a rich labyrinthine background, this portrait is at once intimate and spare, opening up to alternate realities as dense as the jungle itself, with kaleidoscopic multiplicities in both the natural and the spiritual realms.


Time Like Water

16mm to video, b/w and color (trailer)

Shot on 16mm film over the course of three years, this film documents various hiking trips taken alone in the highlands of my native country Iceland. The film explores the boundaries of individual and personal space, versus the open spaces of nature, which belongs to no one.  A meditation on the landscapes of my home and an attempt to come to terms with a single being as a part of that landscape. 


The desert remembers it was an ocean (excerpt)

16mm to video

A labyrinth without walls, full of pathways where living beings get lost. Time is fluid here, and traces of humans and animals indicate the right course as well as the wrong one. A field of sand that was once an ocean.


In the Land of Meadows (work in progress)

HD video

In the Land of Meadows is a documentary/narrative hybrid, neo-realist Viking era epic written and directed in collaboration with filmmaker Lee Lynch. Based on the Icelandic Sagas, In the Land of Meadows is a genre-bending examination of Leif Erikson’s discovery of North America and the subsequent clash between Viking and Native American cultures in the year 999 A.D.

Park St


A portrait of my street and the neighborhood where I used to live, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California.

Ocean Ocean


A young woman finds a magic chamber in her house, leading her to encounters with characters from the past.  

Por que te vas

16mm on video

I wanted to make a dance film with my niece Guðrún when she came to visit me in California and this is what I made. This piece is also a homage to one of my favorite films, Cría Cuervos, by Carlos Saura.

Space Invader

Digital video collage animation, super8 and found footage

Music by Daniel Corral



A portrait of my niece Guðrún

Óskar afi


A portrait of my grandfather Óskar. This film was shot the last summer that he lived on his own in his house in Reykjavík.


super8 on video

Buffalo consists of a few handheld, almost still shots, that bring up questions concerning the border of reality and fiction, presence and past in memory reconstructed.

The Emperor

16mm on video

A film based on the true story of failed businessman Joshua Norton, who declared himself Emperor of the United States of America in the year 1859